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The Utah Asphalt Pavement Association

Building A Better Road Together [PDF]

A Primer on How UAPA Conducts Business
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Our Mission

The Utah Asphalt Pavement Association (UAPA) is committed to being the unified voice of the asphalt industry to promote the quality and use of asphalt pavements in Utah.

Association Objectives

  • Promote the use of asphalt as the premier material for road construction and maintenance.

  • Provide return on investment to its members through increased market share, innovation, education, and fair market principles.

  • Educate, monitor, and lobby regarding asphalt and its benefits to the community.

  • Market asphalt to all agencies in their pavement selection process. Educate and lobby for extensive use of asphalt pavements.

  • Through the Executive Director and Board of Directors, work as a unified voice with the Utah Department of Transportation and local government agencies throughout Utah in the area of quality, specifications, and project development.

  • Expand the information and communication network between members, customers, legislature and government entities.

  • Gain the same type of representation that exist in thirty-five other states across the Nation.

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