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    UAC 2019 Exhibitors & Floor Map

    Want to Reach Out to Over 1,000 Potential Customers?

    Come exhibit at the Utah Asphalt Conference. Booths are only $600 with special pricing for members. Booth space is filing up fast and is expected to sell out soon. Reserve your booth space now before it’s too late!

    Bulk Space/Booth Number/Sponsorship Company NameSponsors
    Bulk Space #1Goodfellow Crushers 
    Bulk Space #1Honnen EquipmentBlack & Sliver Sponsor
    Bulk Space #1 (Peterbilt/Godwin Williamson 
    Bulks Space #1 Mountain West Truck Centers 
    Bulk Space #2 Wheeler Machinery CompanyBlack & Gold Sponsor
    Bulk Space #3Wheeler Machinery Company 
    Bulk Space #3Intermountain Bobcat 
    Bulk Space #4Barricade ServicesBlack & Gold Sponsor
    Bulk Space #4Cate EquipmentBlack & Bronze Sponsor
    Bluk Space #4 Warner Truck Centers 
    Bulk Space #4 Rush Truck Centers 
    Bulk Space #5 Performance Ford Lincoln Bountiful 
    Bulk Space #5Kenworth/OSW 
    Bulk Space #5Wasatch Abrasive 
    Bulk Space #5 Intermountain Sweeper 
    Bulk Space #5Legacy Equipment 
    Bulk Space #5Peak JCB 
    Bulk Space #5FHWA 
    Bulk Space #5Wasatch Fleet Service 
    101Jones & Demille Engineering, Inc. 
    102InstroTek, Inc. 
    106Terracon Consultants 
    109Peak JCB 
    112Ute Lite 
    201Custom Truck One Source 
    202Concrete Stabilization Technologies, Inc. 
    203Geneva Rock ProductsBlack & Gold Sponsor
    204Geneva Rock Products 
    205Intermountain Traffic Safety, Inc. 
    206Intermountain Slurry Seal 
    207Infrared Solutions 
    210Troxler Electronic Labatories, Inc. 
    301Crusher Rental and Sales 
    302Crusher Rental and Sales 
    303Ingevity, Inc.Black & Bronze Sponsor
    304Bonneville Asphalt 
    305APWA Utah 
    306Precision Concrete Cutting 
    401Cate Equipment 
    402All States Material GroupBlack & Bronze Sponsor
    403Intermountain Sweeper 
    501Kimball Equipment Company 
    502Kimball Equipment Company 
    503Straight Stripe 
    504Industrial Supply 
    505Seal Coat Supply 
    506Kilgore CompaniesBlack & Silver Sponsor
    507CMT Engineering Laboratories 
    508CMT Engineering Laboratories 
    509Asphalt Zipper, Inc. 
    510Asphalt Systems, Inc. 
    511Intermountain Bobcat 
    514Oldsastle Infastructure 
    515Cutler Repaving, Inc. 
    517Pavement Restoration, Inc. 
    518Century Equipment CompanyBlack & Silver Sponsor
    519Century Equipment Company 
    520Maxwell Products, Inc.Black & Sliver Sponsor
    601Wheeler Machinery Company 
    602Wheeler Machinery Company 
    603Crafco, Inc. 
    604Wheeler Crushing Systems 
    701Mountain Regional Equipment SolutionsBlack & Sliver Sponsor
    702Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers 
    703Honnen EquipmentBlack & Sliver Sponsor
    704Holbrook AsphaltBlack & Gold Sponsor
    705Peak Asphalt 
    706Granite Construction 
    801Brody Chemical 
    802FORCE America, Inc. 
    803Gencor Industries, Inc. 
    804Pacific Geosource 
    805Lakeview Asphalt Products 
    806Nu Rock Asphalt Coatings 
    807Morgan Pavement  
    808Staker Parson CompaniesBlack & Gold Sponsor
    809M&M Asphalt 
    810Coughlin Company 
    901Goodfellow Crushers 
    902Utah Safety Council 
    903Interwest Safety Supply, LLC 
    904PEPG Consulting 
    905Lithified Technologies 
    906SealMaster Utah 
    907Sonoran Process Equipment Company (SPEC) 
    908Sonoran Process Equipment Company (SPEC) 
    909Crew Tracks 
    910Jacketta Sweeping Service 
    911Asphalt Materials, Inc.Black & Bronze Sponsor
    912SealMaster Utah 
    Parking Lot Bulk Space (1,600 sq. ft)Wheeler Crushing Systems 
    Parking Lot Bulk Space (1,000 sq. ft)Goodfellow Crushers 
    Parking Lot Bulk Space (700 sq. ft)Honnen Equipment